about daltyn

Daltyn is a dynamic communications professional specializing in social media, web content, media relations, and food photography. She works and lives in downtown Chicago, trading in stargazing + the convenience of driving in Michigan for high-rises + good coffee in the city. Daltyn is a graduate of Grand Valley State University, and her top five strengths are Developer, Communication, Positivity, Includer, and Maximizer.

Pasticcini means "little pastries" in Italian. They are traditional treats for festive events like holidays, birthdays, or celebrations. See more  -->

Social Media + Web Content

In the ever-changing world of social media, Daltyn stays atop the trends using major management tools like Iconosquare, Hootsuite, and reading articles from Social Media Week and other media outlets. There is – of course – no better teacher than experience, so she spends much of her time experimenting with new tools and features for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat.

Phil Vettel, Chicago Tribune restaurant critic, reviewed Eataly's seasonal pop-up truffle restaurant. See the 3-star review -->

Media Relations

In a major market, Daltyn discovered a community of food writers, enthusiasts, and influencers to provide meaningful and engaging content about the food industry. She has secured placements in major media outlets, such as: Chicago Tribune, Chicago Magazine, Where Chicago, Modern Luxury, Redeye, Timeout Chicago, Plate Magazine, and Eater Chicago + Eater National.

Babà al Rum, a traditional Italian dessert, is a dark- rum-soaked brioche filled with pastry cream + topped with fresh strawberries. See more -->

Food Photography

Working with a team of chefs and food stylists, Daltyn has developed her skill of photography using a Nikon D5300. Most recently, she has begun exploring the use of manual functions to control lighting for interior and non-natural light photography. She enjoys taking photos of food and big-city architecture.